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A business loan is a loan taken for investments in a business set up. It is essentially borrowing money for a set purpose and entails repayment with a fixed interest rate.

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Business Loans

A business loan is a loan taken for investments in a business set up. It is essentially borrowing money for a set purpose and entails repayment with a fixed interest rate.

Cash Credit / Overdraft Loan

Cash credit is a short-term type of loan provided by a financial institution to meet the base requirement of working capital. Overdraft is a facility that allows you to withdraw more than the balance in your account. The interest rate is calculated on the actual amount withdrawn.

Equipment / Machinary Financing Loan

A machinery loan without security can be very beneficial for a small business owner. Machinery and equipment is the most important asset for a small business as it determines the overall output and production of the business and the cost of those products. Good maintenance and timely upgradation of the equipment and machinery ensures that the small business stays profitable and competitive.

Home Loan & Balance Transfer

When should you avail Kotak Home Loan Transfer:

  • You are trying to reduce your interest rate and lower your payments
  • You are trying to reduce your home loan term to pay off your loan faster
  • You want to use the equity in your house to get money for any of your needs. You can take a top-up over the existing loan to get the much needed cash to fulfil your needs

Inventory Financing

Inventory financing is credit obtained by businesses to pay upfront for products that will not be sold immediately. The loan is collateralized by the inventory it is used to purchase. Inventory financing is most often used by smaller privately-owned businesses that don't have access to other options.

Invoice / Bill Discount Financing

Bill or invoice discounting is a trade activity in which the seller gets amount in advance at discounted rates from the lender. This makes buyers contribute in the form of interest rate in increasing the revenue of the financial institutions, banks or NBFCs in form of interest paid and from monthly fee.

Loan against Property

It is a loan against fully constructed, freehold residential and commercial properties for: Personal and Business Needs(other than for speculative purposes) like marriage, medical expenses and child's education etc. Existing Loan Against Property(LAP) from other banks and financial institutions can also be transferred to HDFC.

Project Finance

Project finance is the long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheets of its sponsors.

Working Capital Loan & Enhancement

JAL helps its clients to achieve an efficient working capital position and facilitate release of cash to fund additional growth initiatives. An efficient working capital management programme includes; robust systems, streamlined processes and management rigour with respect to costs and controls resulting in release of cash. We help clients in improving their cash operating cycles by reducing float in various finance processes and by building frameworks for effective cash forecasting

Loan for GST Payments

A GST business loan is a working capital loan of up to Rs. 1 crore based on GST returns for micro, small and medium enterprises. This means that by simply furnishing their GST returns MSMEs can procure funding for fulfilling their working capital needs.

Government Grants & Subsidies

Grants are sums that usually do not have to be repaid but are to be used for defined purposes. Subsidies, on the other hand, refer to direct contributions, tax breaks and other special assistance that governments provide businesses to offset operating costs over a lengthy time period.

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