Payroll Maintenance

Payroll process refers to the maintenance of employee financial records with respect to their salaries, wages, net pay, tax deductions, incentives and other statutory requirements like PF (Provident Fund) and ESI (Employees' State Insurance).

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Payment Maintenance

  • Preparation and processing of pay slips with statutory deductions
  • Preparation of Form 16 for employees and Deposit TDS and file returns
  • Transfer of payments to employees through direct bank transfers
  • Compiling year-end tax reports


Statutory deductions are P IT (income tax), EPF (employee provident fund), TDS (tax deducted at source), ESI (Employees' State Insurance) which are deducted according to the individual’s annual compensation and the state legislations.
An allowance is a fixed sum that a company may decide to pay its employees to cover additional expenses. For example travel allowance, overtime allowance, medical allowance, etc. All financial benefits that employer offers under the head “salaries” are taxable. Certain allowances are partially or fully exempted. Reimbursements are the amounts that a company pays back to its employees who may incur business-related expenses. For instance, many companies provide medical reimbursements where employees can claim the amount by presenting appropriate bills and proof of expenditure.
Payroll management can be outsourced, managed on our own or through software. But it is best when outsourced as it is cost-effective and saves time and money. Not to mention, the opportunity to closely work with the payroll specialists and financial experts who are well versed on the latest tax rules and compliances.
Some of the common benefits that companies offer are medical reimbursements, health insurance, paid vacations, leave encashment programmes, wellness program fundings, etc. However, the statutory benefits as mandated by law are earned leaves; social security like ESI, PF, pensions, group insurance policies, maternity benefits; payment of gratuity, etc. These benefits differ depending upon the type of company and the state where it is located.
Managing accounting, payroll, tax and other financial responsibilities is very tedious and complex, especially more so if your business is a start-up venture. Hence, by outsourcing payroll process, you can save time and money; be assured of accuracy in calculation and deductions; get expert guidance from payroll specialists, and accounting and financial professionals.

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